5 Benefits of Using Mud Masks

Mud masks are an ‘in-thing’ in the skin care industry as it provides many benefits for most skin concerns. Most facial mud masks are not just simply ‘mud’ but includes various other premium ingredients which complement the main ingredient to give the best results for your skin.

Here are the 5 amazing benefits of using mud masks:-

1. Deep Cleansing

Our pores are prone to attracting and holding impurities from our surroundings. When mixed with oil and sebum, it will create a favourable condition for bacterial growth. Mud masks are great for deep cleansing our skin to remove these impurities. As it dries, it will absorb the impurities and oil that is buried deep within the pores.

2. Exfoliation

Mud masks can remove dead skin cells by tightening as they dry, allowing dead skin cells to stick to the mask. The dead skin cells are then washed away together with the removal of the mask revealing glowing, radiant and smooth skin.

3. Rich with Minerals and Nutrients

Mud masks are rich in minerals such as sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sulphur and silicon which are beneficial for our skin since our bodies are unable to provide us with it. If we are lacking certain minerals and vitamins, it can lead to a multitude of skin conditions and complaints.

4. Clear Acne and Blemishes

Since mud masks are able to absorb excess oil and sebum, it will clear the pores from bacteria as well; the number one enemy for the formation of acne and blemishes. Regular application of mud masks will prevent clogged pores, thus helping in preventing breakouts.

5. Anti-ageing

Mud masks have a tightening effect as it dries on your skin, thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles, making them a good anti-ageing agent. 

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