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Established since 2003, TNS Skin Lab is the leading independent importer and retailer of natural skincare and personal care products in Malaysia, with a chain of physical retail stores located at major malls across the country, and our own online store and flagship stores on Lazada & Shopee.


Regarded as Malaysia’s leading independent natural and organic beauty importer and retailer, TNS Skin Lab has successfully launched many natural brands into the Malaysian market such as Antipodes, Trilogy, Aubrey, Aura Cacia, A’kin, Suntegrity, The Herb Farm, Oxygen, Organic Formulations and many others.


We are a company of dedicated people who care about customers like you and the products that you use, we are committed to bringing the best and most effective natural skincare solutions to you, providing you with the required knowledge and choices to make suitable and considered product decisions to take care of your precious skin.


We offer in-store and online consultations; you can reach us via various channels to seek advice and consultation so that you can enjoy using our products with effectiveness and results, safely and confidently.  We strongly encourage you to always try out samples for suitability before purchasing any new products, samples are freely available both in-store and online.




Bringing the Best to You

Our mission is to bring to local consumers an exclusive selection of effective and high quality, natural and organic skin care products under one roof; as encapsulated in our brand promise of ‘Bringing the Best to You’.

High Quality and Effective

We are highly selective with the products we import and carry. We hand select only the most well-established, high quality and effective skincare brands from reputable western countries, ranging from affordable to luxurious.

Carefully Curated Brands

Every brand we carry is unique in its own way, and the products have been extensively tried and tested in-house by our owners for an extended period of time for user-friendliness, quality and efficacy before being added to our carefully curated range of products.

To Know, Experience & Choose

We also encourage our customers ‘To Know, To Experience, To Choose’ our products before purchasing them, through free samples easily and readily available on our website and in-store.
Not only are our products on-par with mainstream products, they regularly out-perform them too. Our well-trained staff are always on hand to give advice and recommendations based on your skin’s needs.

Knowledge and Choice

We are committed to the principle of ‘Knowledge and Choice’, by educating customers on how skincare products work, and through full disclosure of product ingredients and their respective pros and cons. In addition to having our own excluded ingredients list based on extensive and objective research, we also classify our products into different categories according to how natural they are based on the ingredients used, so that customers can use their informed judgement to choose the products they are most comfortable with.

Nature & Science

The marriage between ‘Nature and Science’ has seen a boom in the popularity of natural and organic skin care products. The desire to go natural is no longer a compromise on effectiveness or luxury, you can feel good and confident that the natural products you put on your skin on a daily basis are going to give you the results you desire, safely and effectively.


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