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Established since 2003, TNS Skin Lab is the leading independent importer and retailer of natural skincare and personal care products in Malaysia, with a chain of physical retail stores located at major malls across the country, and our own online store and flagship stores on Lazada & Shopee.

Being one of the largest importers of natural skincare and natural personal care products in Malaysia, we directly import most of our exclusive natural beauty brands from New Zealand, Australia, United States and United Kingdom etc. under exclusive distribution arrangements with brand principles.

We are a company of dedicated people who care about customers like you and the products that you use, we are committed to bringing the best and most effective natural skincare solutions to you, providing you with the required knowledge and choices to make suitable and considered product decisions to take care of your precious skin.

We offer in-store and online consultations; you can reach us via various channels to seek advice and consultation so that you can enjoy using our products with effectiveness and results, safely and confidently.  We strongly encourage you to always try out samples for suitability before purchasing any new products, samples are freely available both in-store and online.


Our mission is to offer to Malaysian natural skincare lovers a comprehensive selection of carefully tried and tested natural and organic skincare products, natural body care products, natural hair care products and natural cosmetics to help them to attain lasting and graceful natural beauty and well being, without resorting to using harmful chemicals and invasive procedures to satisfy the desire for short-term attractiveness and vanity.

Our natural skincare products are carefully selected based on the main criteria of effectiveness, user friendliness, quality and reputation.  All of our natural, high quality brands are highly respected and reputable in their home countries, and many are the leading natural skincare brands in their respective markets.

We take extreme care to ensure that our natural skincare products are able to cater to all skin types, skin conditions and user demands, so that even the most demanding customer can find the perfect skincare products that suit her unique needs and demands.  As a result, most if not all of our loyal customers are highly satisfied in using our products and we remain their number one choice when it comes to natural skincare products and natural skincare stores.