What exactly are probiotics and what makes them so good?

Our skin, just like our gut, hosts a vast community of microscopic organisms, constituting our natural bacterial ecosystem or microbiome. This unique microbiome acts as a guardian, ensuring our skin remains in a healthy equilibrium.

When our skin’s delicate ecosystem is thrown off balance or damaged, it can manifest as dryness, sensitivity, or inflammation. Introducing probiotic skincare products can effectively restore this ecosystem by adding more ‘good bacteria’ to the skin, leading to balanced and healthy-looking skin that becomes more adept at shielding itself against environmental aggressors and inflammation triggers.

Probiotics play a vital role in preserving the skin’s microbiome, preventing harmful bacteria from taking over and allowing beneficial bacteria to perform their functions unhindered.

Probiotic science from
Antipodes can help

Save your skin with probiotic science
Antipodes® three-step regime harnesses innovative Kalibiome probiotics – to help calm redness, blemishes and inflammation, strengthen your skin barrier, and balance your precious microbiome.


Research has shown that reducing skin inflammation not only helps prevent flare-ups of inflammatory conditions but also contributes to slowing down premature aging—an incredible benefit! Moreover, probiotics aid in maintaining a healthy pH balance, further enhancing the skin’s overall well-being.

Proven results

Three-step probiotic science regime

Step 1: Flora mask

Calms redness & inflammation


A soothing, anti-redness mask to help alleviate skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema. Dermatologically approved for sensitive skin.


“I have rosacea and this mask doesn’t irritate my skin. It soothes and cools the skin and
even reduces redness.” Nicole

Step 2: Credo serum

Targets blemishes


An anti-blemish serum featuring probiotic science and high-tech ferments to flood the skin with good bacteria.


“Credo is 10/10. My blemishes have reduced by 90% after just two weeks.” Elly

Step 3: Culture moisturiser

Restores balance


A probiotic moisturiser to provide soothing hydration and help restore calm to blemished or stressed skin.


“Rosacea be gone!! TWO nights of using this lovely gel-cream and my rosacea has faded
significantly… Very highly recommended!” Erin

Visible results

Visible results after just three weeks using Antipodes® anti-blemish probiotic science regime: Flora + Credo + Culture.


*After three weeks’ use.

No filters or editing.

Differences in lighting are due to slight variations in set-up.

What our customers say

Probiotic science for redness,
blemishes & sensitivity

Many skin conditions – including rosacea, eczema and acne – are caused by inflammation.

Chemical compounds such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are too harsh for dry, stressed or sensitive skin, and can worsen the issue, aggravating irritation and redness.


Antipodes’ three-step probiotic science regime restores balance to your skin’s microbiome, which strengthens the skin barrier, reduces inflammation, and fosters calm, clear skin

  • Calm redness, blemishes and inflammation
  • Strengthen your skin barrier
  • Balance your precious microbiome
  • Dermatologically approved for sensitive skin
  • Proven results

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