Best Travel Beauty Tips

With the present abundant cheap flights and easy access to information, Malaysians are travelling more frequently than ever before. Seeing and experiencing the world and its history/cultures are the key to understanding others. It gives us perspective on who we are and where we come from with greater clarity when glancing on either from afar.

However, long haul flights and changes in climate, environment, and daily routine tend to cause havoc on our hair and skin. Due to strict security restrictions put in place to protect us, we are unable to bring along every single one of our favourite beauty products. What can we do to arrive at our destination feeling fresh as a daisy? Below are our travel beauty secrets in preparation for your next takeoff.

1. Hydration

It is no secret that the air in the aircraft cabin is very dry. Therefore, it is important to keep your body and skin hydrated. No one wants to arrive at their destination with flaky skin and a tired, dull complexion. Experts say to drink at least one cup of water per hour while travelling. Empty your favourite water bottle and fill it up in the terminal before boarding your flight.

2. Spritz Your Face

Nothing feels quite as refreshing as a spritz of rose water when your skin is feeling dehydrated. View our natural toners selections HERE.

3. Apply a Serum

Use a hydrating serum to keep skin moisturised on your next flight. Since 2014, Air New Zealand Business Class travellers have been arriving at their destination fresh-faced,  a water-charged serum that immediately plumps thirsty skin while helping to intensively improve your skin’s appearance over time. View our natural serums collection HERE.

4. Moisturise

It is important to keep your skin moisturised as skin gets very little oxygen when enclosed in an encapsulated environment without fresh air. Carry a travel-sized moisturiser to apply during your flight. Apply two layers and avoid wearing any makeup.  View our natural moisturisers selection HERE.

5. Deep Condition Your Hair Pre-Flight

Apply your favourite hair mask and throw your hair up in a top knot right before you leave for the airport. Travelling is just as harsh on your hair as it is on your skin. Hop in the shower and shampoo and condition as normal for shiny, bouncy hair when you arrive at your destination. View our natural hair conditioners HERE.

Other Tips:

Keep the window shades closed during the day, as the UV rays are stronger at higher altitudes. Alternatively, pack a travel-sized sunscreen in your carry-on to keep your skin safe from the UV exposure.  Find out more about our Suntegrity natural sun care range HERE.

We never board an aircraft without a multi-purpose balm, which can be used as a lip balm and a hand cream. It can also reduce inflammation in everything from a pimple to an allergic reaction to a bugbite – handy when travelling to a foreign land.

Set your watch to the destination’s local time to prepare your brain for the change.

Enjoy your next trip and safe travels!

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