Making Oily Skin Look Great!

Is Oily Skin All Bad?

Oily skin can be a great asset to have! You may not think so if you struggle with excess oil and shiny areas but bear in mind that oily skin often stays ‘younger-looking’ and more supple and soft as it ages!  All you need to do is learn how to manage it effectively!

Do I have Oily or Combination Skin?

Some common signs of this skin type are;

  • Your face is shiny only an hour or two after cleansing, and usually appears oily by midday.
  • Your makeup seems to “slide,” or disappear right off your face.
  • The oilier areas of your face may have blackheads, white bumps, or acne.
  • The pores are visibly enlarged, especially on your nose, chin, and forehead.

Combination skin is where you have ‘oily’ areas, commonly your nose, chin and forehead, the rest of your skin is usually normal.

The key to managing oily skin is to get the right balance.

It can be a struggle to know what the best approach to this skin type is – do I go ‘oil-free’ since my skin is oily? Can I use a face oil or is that out of the question?

A mistake often made by those with oily skin is to look for products which are ‘oil free’ or alcohol based toners which promise to leave the skin shine-free. These can in fact dry your skin by stripping or unbalancing the natural oils which the skin then overcompensates for by producing more oil.

And yes you can even use a face oil! Certain plant oils are renowned for their skin balancing and penetrating properties such as Tamanu oil or Jojoba Oil.  You can use these beautiful oils at night (1-2 times a week) instead of your face cream and your skin will feel amazingly soft in the morning – without upsetting the natural oil balance of the skin.


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