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Natural Remedies Collection: Thinning Hair

Thinning hair or hair loss is quite common in men and women alike. There are various reasons for this disconcerting issue such as genetic factors, ageing process, physical and emotional stress, pregnancy, hormonal changes, vitamins deficiency, lack of protein, male pattern baldness, drastic weight loss, anaemia, et cetera. These factors are valid but the most vital determining factor is your scalp.

The health and condition of one’s scalp is crucial for strong and healthy hair growth. An unhealthy scalp with accumulated dead skin cells, sebum and dirt will cause the hair follicles to be clogged and unable to absorb all the nutrients from shampoo, tonic and other hair products. This will cause the hair to be brittle and fall easily.

At TNS Skin Lab, we care for your well-being from head to toe and have several amazing products to help combat your existing hair and scalp problems.

Aubrey Organics Biotin Repair Renew & Replenish Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Tonic For Her


Aubrey Organics Men’s Stock Ginseng Biotin Shampoo and Scalp Tonic For Him

These wonderful products for Him and Her have similar powerful key ingredients to combat hair thinning, such as Biotin (Vitamin B), He Shou Wu, Baobab oil and Burdock Root extract.

Biotin comes from the Vitamin B family and is also known as Vitamin H. Vitamin B is important in converting certain nutrients into energy and is crucial for the health of hair, skin and nails.

He Shou Wu is an herb native to China and has been used in medicines for centuries. It is a powerful antioxidant in combating free radicals; allowing the body to accelerate production of new cells, tissues and hair follicles for hair growth.

Baobab oil comes from the seeds of Baobab trees which grow in Africa. It is a great moisturiser for dry scalps and is able to penetrate deeply through the hair follicles. Baobab oil contains omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A, D and E3 to support the conditioning of the scalp for healthy hair growth.

Burdock root extract has been widely used for its potential in curing ailments and boosting overall health. It contains carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, and strong antioxidants. By improving the scalp’s blood circulation, it stimulates hair growth as well as relieves the scalp of irritation. Burdock root is also effective in treating dandruff and dry scalps.

An additional ingredient in Aubrey Organics Men’s Stock Ginseng Biotin Set for Him is ginseng root extract. Ginseng is widely used in traditional medicines for its overall health benefits. It may stimulate proper hair growth due to the supply of vital nutrients necessary for healthy hair and scalp.


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