Natural Skin Care – The Key To Natural Beauty

Natural skin care is the path and the key to achieving lasting natural beauty. Healthy, natural looking skin that exudes natural self-confidence is never out of trend or fashion, it will always draw admiring glances from others, and withstand the test of time.

A wHOLE new beauty concept

Natural Skin Care Redefined

Through continuous research and the deepening understanding of nature and science, natural skincare has evolved and breached the long held perception of being unexciting, ineffective and uninteresting. The new generation of natural skincare products are formulated with the latest and most effective ingredients from nature and science, to target the most concerned skincare issues of the modern generation, while being firmly focussed and committed to the ethos of clean, green, natural and safe beauty care.

A Whole New Look

Natural Beauty Care

Natural beauty care means less is more, simple is refinement. The goal is to use cleaner, greener, safer and more natural products to achieve a smoother, clearer and more refined complexion, one we will proudly show off sans heavy makeup. This is the new vougue, the new definition of sophistication and good taste.

New Arrivals

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Vitamin c for the clearest and brightest skin

Vitamin C Skin Care

Vitamin C is a popular and preferred skin care ingredient sought after by consumers of all ages nowadays. It is well know for its versatility and broad spectrum skin care benefits including skin brightening, skin tone evening, pigmentation fading and antioxidant protection. Our natural Vitamin C products utilise either natural Vitamin C derived from kakadu plum or stabilised ascorbic acid in effective concentration to help you achieve the bright, even and flawless complexion.

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Bakuchiol Skin Care

Ratinol, a Vitamin A derivative, is widely considered in the dermatology fraternity as the one of the most effective ingredeints to repair, renew and regenerate human skin cells. The downside is it is a very sensitising ingredient that could cause many potential side effects, and should best be used under doctor’s supervision. Bakuchiol is a newly discovered pure natural ingredient that potentially offers the same skin care effects and benefits as retionol, but with none of the attending side effects. It is increasingly being incorporated into the latest formulations of advanced natural skin care products.

Skin Care Basics

The Importance of The Skin Barrier Function

Your skin barrier is the outer most layer of your skin, taking care of your skin barrier function (SBF) is the most important daily skin care regime regardless of your age; a healthy skin barrier function will ensure that you have hydrated, moisturised, clean, clear and healthy skin all year round. Please see oue short article to understand this better.

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