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Oxygen Skincare for Teens and Oily Problem Skins

Founded by Alana Riley, Oxygen Skincare is New Zealand’s first natural skincare range for teens with a vision that all young adults deserve an equal opportunity to feel confident in the skin they live in.

The hero ingredient in every Oxygen product is the organic hop, which is grown in their family farm in Nelson, New Zealand. The extract of the organic hop is rich in several compounds that make it an effective cleanser and antiseptic, shown to inhibit five of the major acne causing bacteria. Furthermore, hops contain anti-inflammatory tannins and natural plant oestrogens that promote hormonal balance for skin toning, prevention and reduction of problem skin, and increase collagen and elastin production.

Oxygen teen products are 100% natural and specifically designed with younger skin in mind. It uses freshly scented, botanical ingredients packed with vitamins and minerals to protect and nourish skin naturally.

Oxygen Problem Skin range is formulated to soothe, calm and repair problematic skin issues of all ages. The products have strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which are particularly beneficial in reducing redness, assisting in the healing of acne, irritation, scarring and blemishes.

Oxygen Skincare were lucky enough to have a number of girls participate in an 8 week problem skin trial of theirs late last year, and with the results achieved this sure won’t be the last time we offer such a trial! The products used to help achieve these results were our 2 in 1 problem skin cleanser, skin toner, soothing moisturiser and the all mighty blemish/acne gel!


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