Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

To all Customers:


THE PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION ACT 2010 came into force on 15 November 2013. The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 regulates the collection, storage, processing and use of any personal data.

We wish to inform you that your personal data such as your name, identity card number, address, telephone number and email address, and other relevant data were provided by you to us during registration for the purpose of:-
(1) New product introductions;
(2) Birthday greetings;
(3) Customer service calls; and
(4) Marketing & promotional information.

We further inform that we do not disclose or share your personal data provided to us with outside parties unless related to our business for the purposes stated above.

Please email to if you do not wish to grant us consent to use your personal data for the purposes stated above. Also, you have a right to ask for a copy of your personal data, to limit the processing of your personal data, to correct any inaccuracies in your personal data and/or contact us with any enquiries or complaints.

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