O’sum Aloe Vera Moisture Balancing Cream


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Product Description

Aloe Vera Moisture Balancing Cream rejuvenates dry and sensitive skin by providing moisture and nourishment with natural ingredients without the discomfort of a heavy and sticky texture. This includes 10.96% enriched organic aloe extract certified by ECOCERT, calming irritated skin throughout the day, and helps recovery by creating a natural moisture barrier for tired skin.

The natural moisturizing ingredients allow a light moisturizing effect even for oily skin types!


Directions for Use:

After cleansing, apply toner and lotion to soften the skin. Apply generously all over the skin and pat down for it to absorb. The natural hydrating ingredients harden in lower temperatures and melt on the skin like ice cream. Store in the refrigerator and use a spatula or spoon to scoop the cream for a soothing and hydrating action of the Aloe Vera Moisture Balancing Cream.

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