The Honey Collection Manuka Honey 250g (SPECIAL EDITION: UMF 14+)


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UMFHA license #1032


The UMF Rating certified by the UMF Honey Association is the only proof of the authenticity and quality of New Zealand Manuka Honey, it is the only official certification of genuine New Zealand Manuka Honey.

The Honey Collection is a member of the UMF Honey Association (Licence Number #1032), thus guaranteeing the genuine quality of its manuka honey and authentic UMF ratings.

The dark, sticky and delicious manuka honey comes from bees that exclusively pollinate the nectar of the Manuka flower (botanical name – Leptospermum scoparium) which grows wild and freely over the pristine (clean & fresh) hillsides of New Zealand.

Manuka honey is a complex honey that goes far beyond simple table honey. It has been the focus of extensive scientific research evidencing remarkable natural properties that set it apart from other kinds of honey and make it so highly prized throughout the world.

The color of pure manuka honey tends to be darker and has a more distinctive tangy, caramelly taste, and not as sweet as most other honeys.

The UMF™ grading system uses the most comprehensive and transparent test currently available for Manuka honey and appraises natural, unique signature markers such as Leptosperin, DHA and Methylglyoxal (or MGO). While MGO is the key to determining the UMF™ grade of Manuka honey, it cannot be used on its own to prove whether honey is genuine. This is why the UMF™ Honey Association check for the presence of other markers, as they are unique to Manuka and can’t be chemically manufactured.

The Honey Collection’s Manuka Honey is tested, certified and guaranteed to contain the three unique compounds of genuine Manuka Honey in every batch (MGO, Leptospermum, DHA). The UMF™ grading system and Mark appraises these natural markers found in Manuka honey and assures purity and quality. Please see

This SPECIAL EDITION of manuka honey has a UMF of 14+ and MGO of 498, although it is labelled UMF 11+ due to wrong labelling at the time of bottling (refer to UMF certificate below dated August 2020).


How to consume Manuka Honey? 

  • Eat it straight
  • Add to food/drinks
  • Spread on bread
  • Adding to yogurt
  • Not advisable to mix with boiling liquids, as the heat will take away all its antimicrobial properties.

Key Benefits of Eating Manuka Honey

  • Anti-bacteria
  • Antibiotic/antimicrobial – inhibits the growth of or destroys microorganisms (bacteria, virus or fungus).
  • Boost the immune system
  • Helping heal cuts and scrapes
  • Clearing infections
  • Easing stomach aches
  • Improving digestion
  • Providing energy

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100% UMF® 14+ Manuka Honey 250gm

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