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The Honey Collection Manuka Magic

Honey has been used since ancient times as a moisturising ingredient in cosmetics. The moisturising properties are due to the major portion of the sugar in honey being fructose, a sugar which picks up water readily and holds on to it strongly. However, honey does a lot more for the health of the skin than just to moisturise it.

The bioactives that honey has been found to have are; stimulating the growth of new blood capillaries in damaged skin tissue; stimulating the production of collagen and other components of the matrix of the skin; stimulating the growth of new epidermal cells on the skin; releasing attached bacteria; stimulating the immune response; and (depending on the type of honey) a potent antimicrobial action. Honey also has excellent antioxidant properties and a potent anti-inflammatory activity.

Honey is being found to give excellent results clearing up acne and eczema/dermatitis, and is being used in a clinical trial to decrease the inflammation resulting from radio therapy for breast cancer (which causes burns to the skin like severe sunburn). Clinical studies have also shown that it gives good results when used on psoriasis, tineas, haemorrhoids (where it decreases itching), seborrheic dandruff and nappy rash.

But don’t expect to get good results if you use just any honey. Honeys can vary by as much as 100 fold in potency of their antibacterial activity. Research at the University of Waikato, following up New Zealand folk knowledge, led to the discovery of the unusual antimicrobial component of Manuka Honey. Other honeys have their antimicrobial activity due to hydrogen peroxide produced by an enzyme that the bees add to the nectar they collect to make honey. This enzyme does not work until honey gets diluted by water (which on unbroken skin will not happen) and if activated by dilution (as would happen in the manufacture of skin cream) its activity destroys itself after a day or two. The antimicrobial component of Manuka Honey is fully active in undiluted honey and remains active indefinitely after dilution. It also has the ability to penetrate intact skin.

Since 1993, The Honey Collection has produced a unique range of skincare products using UMF(R) Manuka Honey as the key ingredient. All ingredients have been selected to compliment and aid the beneficial effects of honey, to repair and revitalise skin tissue, and to help reduce the visible signs of ageing and over exposure to the wind and sun.

The Honey Collection Manuka Magic

A remedial cream for topical skin ailments. Manuka Magic contains UMF 15+ Manuka Honey and has been formulated to help soothe minor skin irritations such as bites, burns, cuts and abrasions.

UMF 15+ Manuka Honey and potent New Zealand manuka oil are blended with skin repairing and moisturising properties of carrot and wheatgerm oil. Plantain and calendula soothe and nourish the skin. This product is recommended for minor topical skin ailments such as burns, sunburn, cuts, abrasions and other minor skin irritations, helping to restore skin to good health.

Independently backed by science, Manuka Magic has been clinically proven to reduce wounded fibroblast skin cells by up to 54% within 72 hours.

Apply twice a day to the affected area, morning and night.

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