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Why Borage Oil Is the Most Effective Natural Treatment for Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema and Psoriasis?

Borage Oil is an old traditional secret for keeping our skin healthy.

It is a natural oil that not only restores moisture and smoothness to dry and damaged skin but can also provide relief to people who suffer from chronic skin disorders such as atopic dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

What is Borage Oil?

Borage, (Borago Officianalis) is a wildflower commonly called the starflower.

It is a well known herb that has been recognized and used for over 1500 years. In the middle ages, Borage leaves were commonly brewed into a medicinal tea.

However, the borage plant is grown and harvested today not for its leaves and stems but rather for the very valuable oil found in its seeds – Borage Oil. The great value of this oil is that it is the richest known source (24%) of an essential fatty acid called Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA).

A little biochemistry

In order to create and maintain a healthy skin, our body cells require an important essential fatty acid known as theGamma Linolenic Acid (GLA).

GLA is not available in our diet; instead our body must produce it from a complex metabolic process. This process requires a special enzyme called delta-6-desaturase (D6D). D6D produces the necessary GLA from vegetable oils that we consume and this is how we normally get our daily fix of GLA.

People with skin disorders such as eczema, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis show a decrease level of GLA. As a consequence, this decrease may be responsible for the dry skin and trans-epidermal water loss observed in these people.

It is here where the importance of Borage Oil with its rich source of GLA becomes evident.

Used as a dietary supplement or even applied topically, Borage Oil can circumvent a “lazy” or impaired D6D enzyme by supplying the body directly with GLA.

Borage oil on your skin

Clinical studies with an 82% success rate have shown that borage oil, when applied to the skin, can have beneficial effects on skin disorders such as chronic dry skin, atopic dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. This is because borage oil has shown to be superior in restoring moisture and smoothness to both the dry skin as well as the surfactant damaged skin.

Babies and Borage Oil

One of the more powerful demonstrations of the benefits of borage oil is a clinical study done on 48 infants suffering from severe infantile seborrhoeic dermatitis, a common condition in infants known as “cradle cap.”

This condition is characterised by dry scales and crusts on the scalp, eyelids, face, armpits, breast and groin.

The infants were treated twice daily with topically applied Borage Oil and the condition cleared within two weeks. Not only was there improvement in the areas where the borage oil was directly applied but also in the areas where it was not.

If the treatment was discontinued the symptoms came back within 1 week. However if the treatment was maintained until the infants became 7 months old and then stopped, there was no relapse.

ShiKai Borage Therapy Skin Care 

ShiKai pioneered the use of Borage Oil in topical skin treatments 20 years ago.

Unlike other lotions, Borage Therapy addresses the root cause of dry skin and not just the immediate symptoms. This is the only product on the market that contains a therapeutic level of clinically proven Borage Oil.

These lotions are

-Non-prescription. Clinically-proven. Natural & Fragrance-Free.

-Recommended by Dermatologists, Pediatricians and Diabetes Educators.

-Effective for both immediate and Long-Term improvement.

The ShiKai Borage Therapy range is now available at all TNS Skin Lab nationwide and also on our online store at


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