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Why Cleansing Oils Will Be Your New Best Friend

Cleansing oils are increasingly popular world-wide and recognised as proven, effective cleansers for removing make-up and residue on skin. Nothing removes make-up, surface impurities and dirt from your pores quite as well as a cleansing oil. You will find you barely have to rub at your eyes to shift even waterproof mascara (finally!).

Many are afraid to try an oil cleanser due to the false belief that oil will break you out if you have oily skin, when oil cleansers are in fact the best cleansers for your skin type. Cleansing oils do not sink into pores, they work to remove and wash away impurities. Most oil-free cleansers strip skin of its natural oils, causing skin to be unbalanced and produce more oil to rebalance it. Excess production means more problematic skin. Oil cleansers keep the skin’s natural pH balance and prevent it from oil production overload.

Apply cleansing oil on to dry skin, emulsify with a little water and wash off as a milk, your skin will feel instantly clean and soft – not stripped.

Trilogy Roseship Transformation Cleansing Oil (New)

Trilogy are widely perceived as the plant oil experts. Featuring their most iconic ingredient, Rosehip Oil, Trilogy Roseship Transformation Cleansing Oil is a personal favourite of ours.

Not only is it effective in removing make up (including longwear and waterproof make-up), it also softens and improves skin texture with its combination of Sweet Almond Oil, Rosehip Oil and Papaya Oil.

Suitable for all skin types and certified natural by NATRUE, pick up a bottle and discover for yourself why it’s already loved by many. It smells divine too!

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Dr. Lewinn’s 4 Fusion Cleansing Oil

A luxurious, cleansing oil that melts away all traces of make-up and impurities, leaving skin supple and soft.

Formulated with a unique fusion of botanical essences that includes:

Rosehip Oil – Encourages regeneration and deeply hydrates

Tamanu Oil – Helps firm and boost elasticity

Argan Oil – Nourishes and protects

Baobab Oil – Rich in Vitamin A, C, D, E & F and Omega 3, 6 & 9

The perfect make-up remover for all skin types.


“Now I’ve tried the Dr. Lewinn’s 4 Fusion Cleansing Oil, I’m mulling a return to using cleansing oils!”


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